trac is Wales' Folk Development organisation; its rôle to promote and develop the music and dance traditions of Wales - both within Wales and beyond.

Ten years of trac map

Ten years of trac map



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Mae ‘na gân newydd ar gael ar wefan Cân Werin Yr Wythnos gydag Arfon Gwilym. A Ei Di’r Deryn Du yw’r gân yr...
There’s a new song available on the site A Welsh Folk Song A Week with Arfon Gwilym. A Ei Di'r Deryn Du is this...
Braf iawn bod yn nhgaerdydd am lansiad album newydd @CalanFolk
Fideo swyddogol Gwerin Gwallgo 2017 Gwerin Gwallgo 2017: The Movie!


A selection of Welsh traditional music on YouTube, from trac's channel at musictraditionswales and elsewhere.

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