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Book now for trac's new four-day course for young people (ages 13-18) in February, with tutors Bethan Rhiannon, Patrick Rimes and Gwenan Gibbard.

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Aur II : Training for Musicians

Calling all musicians!

Following on from last year’s AUR programme we are pleased to announce a new round of one-day lectures and seminars looking at Stagecraft, Live sound and Social media marketing.

Each subject will be a one-day course led by industry professionals and aimed at helping you be more effective at what you do. This year we will be running all three events in the new year 2015 in North Wales, one per month dealing with topics that came as feedback from last years’ sessions.


Everything you do on a stage communicates something about you and your material. It lets the audience know about you, your music and the kind of relationship you are building with them. Whilst this is as individual as you are there are very simple steps you can learn to make sure that your audience are not distracted during your performance. This session will be led by Brian McNeill, course leader at our first Big Experiment and world-famous performer and singer.

Live Sound

You should be able to get your voice and your instrument heard clearly and cleanly anywhere you perform. We’ll show you how a PA system works, how you can make work for you and how you can be sure of getting your music heard the way you want it to be. We’ll talk about how you do it yourself, how it works with hired in systems and the kinds of equipment you should be thinking about when you get round to buying your own kit. This session will be led by Neil Browning of Cajuns Denbo, Never mind the Bocs and a lifetime of experience in performing music of all genres.

Social media marketing

WE all know we’re supposed to use Twitter, FaceBook, Bandcamp and more. We all know that people access information about music from PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Somehow it’s all got a bit too complicated. Well not anymore. This session will explain how you can take charge of this for yourself, when to tweet, facebook, instagram and how. We will be led by Carl Morris of Native HQ a specialist in advising Welsh creative industries in how to let the social media add to their creativity and not rule it.

More information

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Dyddiadau Kizzy Crawford & Tim Chaisson Dates

Tachwedd 10 November Palas San Steffan, Palace of WestminsterLlundain,  London
Tachwedd 12 November

the Chattery, Abertawe : Swansea

Tocynnau Tickets £10.00

Ffôn : tel 01792 473276

Ar lwyfan : Onstage 20:00


Tachwedd 13 November

Cecil Sharp House, Llundain : London

2 Regent's Park Road, NW1 7AY London

Tocynnau Tickets £12.00

Oddi wrth : From MusicglueTicketline 0844 888 9991

Ar lwyfan : Onstage 20:00

Tachwedd 14 November

Theatr Pard & Dare Theatre, Treorci : Treorchy

Tocynnau Tickets £12.50

Ffôn : tel 08000 147 111

Tachwedd 15 November Cynhadledd Association of Festival Organisers Conference
Tachwedd 17 November

Canolfan y MilenniumGlanfa, Wales Millennium Centre, Caerdydd : Cardiff

Wales Millennium Centre, Bute Place, CF10 5AL Cardiff

Yn rhad ac am ddim : Free 

Ar lwyfan : Onstage 13:00



Transatlantic Partnerships

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with Music Prince Edward Island and the English Folk Dance and Song Society. We believe the best way to help musicians from small nations and regions to reach new opportunities and markets is to help each other. This marks our first, formal step in that direction.

This year we are sending Kizzy Crawford, one of our finest singer-songwriters to Prince Edward Island to work with Tim Chaisson. Kizzy is a recipient of the Horizons Award and recently featured in Ffwrnes Gerdd; a trac, Arts council of Wales and S4C collaboration. Tim is a fantastic singer-songwriter who regularly features on Americana TV shows and has recently toured Australia.

They'll write together and are currently touring Atlantic Canada before showcasing at Music PEI's Showcase PEI and conference on 2-4 October at Charlottetown.

This November we'll be organising a short tour of Wales and the UK culminating in a showcase alongside England's Dan Walsh and PEI's Meaghan Blanchard at the Association of Festival Organisers' conference, Nottingham.

Our Partners


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